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Modern parquet production is the careful selection of a flawless wood drying in vacuum and vacuum-convective cells, the best imported and domestic equipment for wood processing, packaging, which provides protection against mechanical stress and moisture. And as the main factors that guarantee the quality of products, the high labor discipline and control at all stages. The production of high quality flooring is a successful combination of ideal materials and new technologies at every stage. We apply the basic technique, intarsia for making the art parquet. Intarsia is one of the techniques of making the image of thin plates by insertion of image-making element in the base or background. In other words, the elements of the parquet floor pattern fit together and glue to the base, creating a very complex, detailed composition.

You can buy the parquet from oak and other wood species of exceptional quality in our company. We completely follow the technology of wood processing on the company FAVORIT production. We will offer you a truly impressive range of colors, shapes and sizes of parquet from oak, maple, ash. Our floorings are made by the Italian equipment and pass the multi-level quality control, which guarantees the exact proportions of block parquet. And only here you will find the block high category oak parquet "Radial elite" and "Radial select". This product exceeds even the European quality standards, which initially has no parguet, completely consisting of radial cut. Our parquet will surprise you with its quality, large assortment and prices!

Modular parquet is the type of flooring that looks like a simple art parquet. It differs from the art parquet by simplicity of parquetry and lower cost, but as any parquet, requires a professional parquetry approach. Modular parquet is made mostly of block parquet. Also there is a frequence of design in it. The appearance and size of modular flooring you can choose from our catalog. We also offer to discuss the possibility of manufacturing and calculate the cost of modular flooring by your own drawing or design.